Callista Global Energy Coal Mine has a proven record as a reliable coal supplier. The four-generation family-run business has a level of customer satisfaction that is highly replicable in the industry. Delivery of quality products, on time, in the right amount, is a hallmark of Callista Global Energy Coal Mine.

Recent developments in the power generation industry and new technology have removed the stigma of “dirty” coal. In fact, coal is very environmentally friendly. Especially Callista Global Energy’s coal is ultra-low sulfur, low nitrogen, high in calcium, and quickly burnt, all characteristics that are very environmentally friendly. All Callista Global Energy coal customers have included bag house technology to reduce particulate emissions.

Callista Global Energy has worked in partnership for years and enjoys a successful working relationship. Coal delivery systems are durable and flexible. CGE coal handling system is capable of stockpiling one to two cargo ships on the ground at one time. Callista Global Energy has maintained a long-term commitment to Clean Coal Technology and will provide coal to mouth mining facilities for years in the future.

Mining operations in several Indonesian islands, continue uninterrupted during all weather conditions throughout the year. Extreme climatic conditions do not hinder progress in the mine. Employees work hard to meet the requirements to provide the fuel that customers need